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Thank you John !

Hi John,

i want to thank you for your very helpful podcasts. Im learning english in a language school at the moment and additional im hearing all your podcasts. I make great strides and its big fun. Im looking foward to speak it fluently but until then I have to learn a lot.

Im very impressed that you give so helpful Mp3-lessons for nothing. How do you finance that ? Donations ? Everybody should support something like that ! Many many thanks for that John !

My girlfriend laughed when she saw you because you look like me ! Same hairstyle and a similar beard 😉 !

 Thats me ! ;)

I`ve seen you visited Tibet ? Do you like Tibet and the people there ? I love this place and its very interesting for me because I´m a buddhist and there are a lot of kindred spirit. I`m going to visit Tibet, India and the surrounding with my girlfriend in a few years. We have to wait because we have a little child (Chiara 3 years old) and she`s to young for such a travel.

I hope i`ll hear from you !

All the best



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  1. English Teacher John Says:

    Hi Mario,
    Thanks for your blog message and your kind words. As for your questions …

    The English Teacher John Show has been a completely free podcast. I’m an English teacher here in Matsumoto, Japan, so that’s how I make my living. So far, I have not charged any fee for the podcast. In the future, I’d like to add a few more things — all transcripts, more regular production — to the website and podcast and then I may add a donation button or some other way to make a little income from it. As you can see, I have google ads on my pages and that generates a little (very little!) income.

    Hey, I hear that BALD and a little beard are COOL and FASHIONABLE these days!! (Is it really true??)

    Yes, I like to talk about Tibet and Tibetans. I lived in the Himalayan town of Dharamsala, India for many years. There, I taught English and computers, and my students were mostly Tibetan refugees. Also, I traveled to Tibet four times. Hey, I even met my wife in Tibet in 2000!!!

    Well, my wife, Tomoko, is Japanese and we now live in Japan and are really enjoying it. We don’t have a car (but my wife is getting her driving license soon) and go everywhere by bicycle. I like to ride my mountain bike on the numerous trails around here. We do yoga together, eat great food and do small hikes and bike rides on the weekends. In the winter, there are great places to ski and snowboard — the 1998 Winter Olympics were in this area!!

    I’m interested to know where you’re from and what kinds of things you’re learning in your English classes.

    So, thanks again for listening and writing, and good luck with improving your English.
    Take care,

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