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Career focus!

Dear John,

Very sorry for not being a very active member of the site where information exchange is expected to be benificial to everyone, and is actually helpful to everyone. Thanks for the service being extended to everyone who looks for opportunity to learn, enrich and grow. It is interesting to interact but important to experience. Thus, I have a short story mentioned below as reference for life.

I do not whether I should say it is luck or not. I got the opportunity to learn Chinese Language but I missed the opportunity to learn Tibetan Language.  However, I do remember and do remind myself that I am a Tibetan. Today, I am much confused to decide where to move. It is very difficult to decide and a huge gap that I need to jump and make the best choice for my life.

Life is always wonderful to me, and I have always got the best opportunity in my life time. I was born in Tibet, I was brian washed, I came to India, I met good people, and got good opportunity, and so many good things I have got in my life, and I have people here and there to back me up. Still, I realized that it is very hard and difficult to realize oneself and to make a good decision for one’s life as human being works for many reasons.

I believe that there basic and fundamental reason for a person to make a good decision to start working for someone, somewhere for different age group. However, it is not realistic to focus on what you want after years though it is adviseable to make one’s career based on future interest. I am a person with lot of dreams, and I want to become a doctor to look after the pain, I want to become a big boss after I want to tell people that Tibetans are capable, and I want to become a researcher because I want to know so many things happening around, after all I need to prove that I am different from others, and It is important for each and everyone to realize oneself and the potentaility. But where actually is the landing career for ones happiness.

If there are some very good opportunities come to you at one time, and you were asked to make a choice. What would you do as it is to give one and take one, but how to decide the right one. Life is full of interest, and it is important to make a good decision and to make a good remark in life. Each and everyone has got his own aim to move up.

It is confusing and please make your decision and plan for career. (sorry for the conclusion where I am becoming more confused now)





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