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saw vs have seen

Dear John,

Can we use both “simple past” and  “present perfect”  if we talk about something in the past, but don’t say a time period? Please clarify my doubt.

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  1. English Teacher John Says:

    Hi sayid,
    Thanks for your good question.
    In general, you should use the simple past tense when you state a time period, and that time period is finished. With no time period stated, or an unfinished time period (this week, today, etc.) it’s more common to use the present perfect tense.


    [time period stated (and finished)]
    I saw him yesterday morning.
    They visited us a few times last year.
    She wrote me three letters last month.

    [time period not stated (and/or not finished)]
    I’ve seen him a couple of times today. (today is not finished)
    They’ve visited us a few times. (no time reference)
    They’ve visited us twice this week. (time period (this week) is not finished)
    She’s already written a few letters. (no time reference)

    I hope that helps. Take care,

  2. Kyle Nopeman Says:

    По моему мнению Вы ошибаетесь. Могу это доказать….


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