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English Teacher John Show 65

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Hey, long time no hear! Sorry about that.
In this episode:

  • Trip to India
  • Tibetan struggle and Beijing Olympics
  • Idioms: Don’t rain on my parade!
    On cloud nine.
  • Quotations: Dalai Lama, Osho
  • The new Offcue Show

2 Responses to “English Teacher John Show 65”

  1. Jonny Algaranaz Says:

    Hello there

    I just found by accident about your site. I was searching for English podcast lessons on the internet and I saw yours. I visited it and checked everything in it.

    I started by listening show 65. I understood almost everything you talk about. It seems that this has been the last show you podcasted. I wonder if this was the last show or what. Are you going to keep podcasting new shows?

    Anyway, I am going to start listening to your podcasts and I am going to start with lesson one.

    By the way, I really liked this lesson about the Tibetans. Here in my country I watched on the news a report about the diplomatic relations between Tibet and China.

    Take care see you till next time!


  2. English Teacher John Says:

    Hi Jonny,
    Thanks a lot for the comment. I’ve become a bit lazy with the podcast, so sorry about that. Recently I feel like I’ve run out of good ideas for the show.

    I’ll start podcasting again when I feel that I can produce a good show. Don’t forget to check out one of my newer projects, THE OFFCUE SHOW!

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