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Hi John – nice to see you back again

Hi John,

hello again. I’m very happy to see you podcasting again!

Keep on podcasting – we love it!

best regards


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  1. English Teacher John Says:

    Thanks Jurgen!! I really appreciate your comment. Yes, it feels good to be podcasting again. I’ve been putting energy into other areas — including our newest video project, The Offcue Show. I’ve slowed down my audio podcasting work and I’m sorry about that. But, there will be more to come …
    Take care,

  2. Aga Says:


    I’ve just discovered your web site by a stroke of luck…….
    I was looking for the English references on the web and find your site.
    I really enjoy it. I listened to few of your podcasts, they are funny.
    In fact, I get phone English lessons. But I am not completely satisfied my lessons.
    I can read, I can write but my speaking English is bad.
    I think the good solution will be listening to your podcasts….:-)
    I also read a lot from your site. Your trips, pictures, your comments, your feelings and messages posted on the blog.
    Happy to know the web sites like your exist in the word.
    Continue like that.
    PS. I have a question and am going to mailing you.

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