A New Service from English Teacher John
August 2005

to have
a native English speaker nearby to help with pronunciation and intonation???!!!
Well, now you can get an mp3 audio file with exactly the English words
and sentences that you want to hear!

And ... don't forget ...
After you listen to your custom mp3 audio file,
YOU ...
create a small mp3 audio file (you'll need a microphone)
that includes the language that you learned from English Teacher John.
Email us the mp3 file and we'll check it out! What do you think?!

Here's how to make a request to Native SpeakIt!
1. Send an email to:
Our Email
2. In the email 'subject' field, you should enter, "Native SpeakIt Request"
3. In the email, include exactly the words and sentences that you would like to hear.
4. English Teacher John will send you an email when the mp3 audio file is finished.
5. Download the mp3 audio file and LISTEN!

6. Practice .. then record an mp3 audio file with your voice and email the
     mp3 audio file to English Teacher John. I'd like Y-O-U to learn how to make an      mp3 recording of you SPEAKING ENGLISH.

7. That's it!!
** In busy times, we may take a little bit of time to respond to your request.