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Who are we?  
We are your source for English lessons, proofreading, 'podcast' audio lessons (mp3 audio files) and more! More info about English Teacher John  
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What is a 'podcast'?
It's a collection of mp3 audio files. Download and learn English while walking, driving .. anytime!
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We are located in Matsumoto, Japan.  
GROUP & PRIVATE LESSONS Adults, teens and children. Learning English can be fun!
Lessons at your house, public location (coffee shop) or our house (near Kiri Appleland, Matsumoto).
We can study and practice exactly the English that you need.

You can choose: conversation, English for special purposes (a business trip? traveling?), listening, grammar; lessons made for you.
BUSINESS ENGLISH We have more than 15 years of experience in the business world .. telephone and office English, email, meetings, negotations, presentations and more. The English that can make your staff and company better.
We can improve your documents and website with natural and appropriate written English.
TEST PREPARATION TOEFL, TOEIC, EIKEN "Step", and others. We can help!
EVENTS Need an English speaker ... ??? Please call or email.
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