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skypecast still continuing?


I would like to know if the skypecats is continuing or canceled. I need to improve my oral and writing skills and that will be a must.
If someone is interested to chat me and help me, my name in skype is jguerra18.

Skype me. We can learn a lot through eachother.


PS: Sorry for the replication.

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  1. English Teacher John Says:

    Thanks for your message about our Expressionist Live skypecasts, which we held back in June and July. Because of some more urgent projects, right now I don’t have a plan to do more of the skypecasts. I really enjoyed the skypecasts and think that we could continue in the longer-term future, but probably not in the next couple of months.

  2. Aga Says:

    I’m writing you from Luxembourg. I’ve just find out your web site.
    I find it really good and bravo for that, I think more people have to do something like that.
    I’m looking to learn and improve my English and find an idea about skypecasts fabulous.
    Shame that is not exists here.
    I’d like to “skype” with other people and learn from each other…

    Even, thank you John.

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