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Hello everyone,

Hisashiburi ne??!!

That’s what we say in Japanese when we haven’t seen someone in a long time. In English we say, “long time no see.”

Well, yes, this is English Teacher John here in Matsumoto, Japan, and I want to say thanks for your emails. I was on vacation in September (Thailand and the U.S.) and our second semester of classes began in early October, so … that’s basically the reason that you haven’t seen any new video or audio here at englishteacherjohn.com. SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!

Tomoko and I are doing well — we did an overnight hike up one of our local mountains (2,857m. Mt. Jonen) just last weekend — and now it’s almost time to GET BACK TO PODCASTING!!

I hope that all of you are doing well and improving your English, and I really hope you had a good summer season. Hey, now it’s AUTUMN and it’s MY FAVORITE SEASON here in Matsumoto .. yeah!!

As far as podcasting, I think I’m going to produce some short audio messages or lessons — and maybe video, too — in the next few weeks. I’m not exactly sure of the duration or the style, but I think that doing something a little differently could be beneficial for both you and me.

Well, that’s it for now. I have two more classes today so I gotta go! Please check back soon. You’ll find our newest content in our RSS feed, or on our blog or podcast page. Okay, more to come shortly. Stay tuned …

Take care my friends,

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